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Remembering Their Sacrifices our Heroes and their Families
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First Welcome Home

January 9, 2014 by Richard Glasgow

Why do I get up each morning get a cup of coffee and then can’t wait to read my e-mails…Here is the reason!

Viet Nam Vet’s first ‘Welcome Home’

Message I have been handing out these cards for a few years now. I thought it was time to share a story or two. I recently underwent a Colonoscopy at the hospital. The gentleman, Bob, who escorted me to the room was wearing a US Army lapel pin. I thanked him for his Service and he thanked me and told me he had served in ‘that unpopular war’ and he and his fellow Vietnam Vets did not get treated very well when they came home. I handed him a DAH card and said, “Let me be the first to say, ‘Welcome Home’.” His emotion was obvious. After he dropped me off in the room, he went to the waiting room and walked up to my sister to tell her what I had done. My sister told me he had tears in his eyes and his voice was shaking. After the whole process, Bob wheeled me out of the hospital in a wheelchair and thanked me again for the card and the Welcome Home.

This is a great thing you are helping us do, Richard. Thank you.

Robert Petitpren

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