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Boy Scouts

April 10, 2014 by Richard Glasgow
Recently, at his Boy Scout meeting, my son  asked his Scoutmaster if the troop could hand out DAH cards on Memorial Day this year at a community event.  The Scoutmaster hadn’t seen them before, so my son took out his wallet and pulled out a card to show him.  The Scoutmaster asked him if he normally carried them with him, and my 12 year old son said, “Yes sir, it’s my goal to try to hand them all out wherever I go.  I especially like to give them to the older veterans because I never want them to feel forgotten.  I know I won’t ever forget what they have done.”
With a mother’s pride and a quiet tear in my eye, I was never more proud of my son and also extremely grateful that we had found your website and cards some six years ago.  Thank you so much for all the time, expenses, and talents in producing these cards.
The number of cards we are ordering will be for the whole troop to hand out this coming Memorial Day with the goal to reach every single veteran who attends the event.  I am making a donation, although I wish it could be more.  But I’m hoping every little bit counts, and more people would be encouraged to make even a little donation when they order the cards.
Thank you!
Tammy Wood, Liberty, SC
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