Music to warm the heart




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Thank for your Service and Dedication to our Country & the Family Card

Daddy you are home!

The reason we put on the uniform and the reason we come home.

A Hearwarming song from Mike Nichols

A Great Christmas present for your Hero

Worn, Torn & Burned but still waving Proudly

Remembering Their Sacrifices our Heroes and their Families
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Here are a couple of my favorite songs.

Welcome Home by Rory Feek

Welcome Home

Thank a Soldier by Trish Lester

Thank A Soldier

Janice Zabel, Hernando Beach, Florida was the first to identify the Bugle Call as “Pay Day”  A coin is on the way to her.  Good job!

Here is another Bugle Call same rules…If you are the first person who can tell me what the name of this Bugle Call is I will send you a Dear American Hero Challenge Coin.  Make sure you send me your contact information.

Bugle Call 2a


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