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Thank for your Service and Dedication to our Country & the Family Card

Daddy you are home!

The reason we put on the uniform and the reason we come home.

A Hearwarming song from Mike Nichols

A Great Christmas present for your Hero

Worn, Torn & Burned but still waving Proudly

Remembering Their Sacrifices our Heroes and their Families
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About a year ago I wrote a song Inspired by some of my Veteran friends!
I listened to their stories about some of the things they’ve been through, And the thought went through my mind, how most of us will never know the things their eyes have seen! And for them to be here to even talk about it, is such a miracle!

This is Veterans Week and Monday November 11th, is Veterans Day! But I believe everyday should be Veterans Day!  They didn’t fight for us once a year!! They literally sacrificed everything to fight for our freedom, and they had to live it EVERYDAY!  And even now, years after they’ve come home, they re-live it EVERYDAY!

I wrote this song because of the thoughts going through my mind about the impact of war, on everyday men and women, who were called to duty for their country!  They answered the call with pride, even though they knew it would mean leaving their families behind, and their jobs, their houses, their LIVES!
Whether you believed war was right or wrong.. they did what they were called to do!! And for that we all should be grateful everyday!!

America likes to call them Hero’s.. and yes I believe each and every one are! But let us never forget .. they were just men and women, like us! Family people! Who were loved and needed by those left behind!!
How they had to say goodbye to their children, and their spouses, and mothers and fathers! To go and serve their country!

With all this being said, I felt the need to write a song in honor of our Veterans! The ones that are still with us, And for those who paid the Ultimate Sacrifice! They deserve our Honor and Attention!
They’ve earned the right… to NOT EVER BE FORGOTTEN!!

This song is called “Shake Their Hand” (the veterans song). It is now available! and will be sold across the country!  This song will be going out on Military websites, all over the country and for every one that sells, a portion will be donated to the DAV!  An organization, that cares for all of our Veterans! By providing handicapped Accessible vans, for transportation to the hospital for their medical care! and many other services for any Veteran in need!

I’m proud to do my part no matter how small, to help provide funds for this organization! I hope you will help too.. Even if you don’t want a copy of this song! Please keep them in mind! They will always need our help!

If you would like to purchase a copy of this song… My new website should be up and running soon, you can wait and order it through the website.. But until the website is ready, just Facebook Message me.. and I will write back and tell you how to get one! We will ship it right to you. And for those of you who are thinking to yourself, Yeah well Mike is out to make a bundle for himself on this one! I understand how you would think that! I will tell you yes,, I have quite a bit invested in the production of this project, and I’m not a rich man! I do need to recoup some of my cost..


But I assure you all! I wrote this song for the Veterans, and I wanted to make sure they will forever benefit from it! This is the only way I knew that could happen.. So take the Poo Poo out of your heart! And be a part of this!! GOD BLESS OUR VETERANS!!


You can reach me on FB (Mike Nichols) or e-mail me at
Or send a check for $10.00 per Copy requested.. to:
Mike Nichols
35 Osage Lane
Branson, MO. 65616
(make check payable to Mike Nichols shake their hand)

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