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Dear American Hero was started in 2006 when at a Yellow Ribbon seminar a Air Force sergeant giving a presentation.  She said: “I’ve been back for 4 years now and when someone thanks me for my service, I get this feeling that is hard to describe.  The next day after thinking about her comments, I came up with the “Thank You for Your Service and Dedication to our Country” card.  I had about 1,000 of those cards printed and out of first thousand I sent two cards down to Ross Perot (a great supporter of Veterans) and his son.  Three days later I received a call from Ross Perot Sr. and after answering a few questions about the cards he offered to pay for the printing of the first 1,ooo,ooo cards.  Dear American Hero was born and received our 501 C3 non-profit status in early 2007.

Chaplain Col. John Morris was the inspiration on getting Dear American Hero started and the motivation today to keep it alive.  When you read the message on the back of both the Thank You card along with the Family card you will see his heart and love for our Heroes and their Families, he wrote those messages.  Chaplain Col. John Morris is the one person responsible for Dear American Hero above all others.  God Bless you Sir.

 Dear American Hero is close to sending out 5,500,000 cards at this point and later this month we will print another 500,000 cards to bring the total to 6 million cards.  There are Patriots all over America everyday handing out the cards or placing them on the cars of when they see a bumper sticker or license plate of one of our Heroes or their Families.  Please take the time to read some of the Heartwarming stories on our “Posts” page.

 Dick Glasgow, Founder, Dear American Hero

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