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Remembering their Sacrifices
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Bill was a Marine F4 pilot who flew low and fast to save his fellow Marines in Vietnam. Bill (Willie) told me he use to wake up and have to shake agent orange from his bedding. The city of Afton, Minnesota opened up their hearts to finally Welcome Home one of their Heroes.

I became friends with this Veteran through Dear American Hero.

Brain Heaphy has become a good friend and I have ordered many copies of his book to give to my friends and I have received wonderful comments about the message the book has. Here is a link to a 7 minute video who Brain is.

One of the many “Thank You Cards” received over the years.
Song was by Rory Freek and was given to Bert Brady one of my Board member for his Welcome Home mission at the Dallas Airport to returning Iraq Veterans. This song has brought tears from so many Vietnam Veterans.
Chaplain John Morris was the inspiration for Dear American Hero back in 2006. 12,000,000 Hearts have been touched and keep on getting touched daily through out America. God Bless you Sir!
Dick, it’s Wed AM, I’m sitting alone at the breakfast table at my
brothers home in N Detroit MI – – – –  almost stunned.  YES I looked
at the picture portion of the website…… I don’t know what to say.
Here it is one day post December 7th, and I see my card with the
Sands of Iwo Jima………. I’m speechless.     Thanks for awakening
my day with such a surprise.  Thanks for the acknowledgement.  E A R L
Our surround Fire Departments are there waving Old Glory each and every September 11th on I94 in Lakeland Never Forget! Listening to Morning Colors as us Veterans remember well.

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